The Samsung Galaxy S4 pretty much has everything you wish for in terms of features, looks, and functionalities.

Who wasn’t looking forward to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4? It seemed like everybody was excited to see the latest features of this much anticipated smart phone. But was it worth the wait? Is it really the next big thing?

Let’s take a look at now. Joshua Vergara gives us an in depth look at this newest smart phone to hit the market.

“The Samsung Galaxy S4 follows up the tremendously popular, the Galaxy S3. And helps to not only please those loyal to the line but also to entice anyone who has held out til now.”

I would have to agree with him there. A couple of my friends own a Galaxy S3 and they’re pretty happy with it.  I’m close to being a fan of it, if not for the keyboard. I just find the keyboard too “hard”. For example, when I press on the letter “s” the letter “a” comes out instead. Maybe my fingers are too big for the keyboard or I need to be more careful with pressing the right letters on the keyboard, I can’t really tell. But aside from that, I’m close to being a fan of the Samsung smart phone line.

Let’s take a look at the design of the Samsung Galaxy S4. At a glance, it does look like the previous model.

“The design of the S4 is largely derivative of its older counterpart. Especially in the white model, you have the white bezel shrunken down to accommodate the five-inch screen, flatter sides, and a different layout for the camera and speaker.”

Aside from those features, everything looks the same. At a glance it would really be hard to distinguish the S4 from the S3. Sure, the S4 is narrower, but it would really be hard to tell especially if it is not beside the S3. I guess, the best way to decipher the  S4 from the S3 is to check the camera and the speaker layout right away. But of course, that’s taking it at a glance.

Let’s get the feel of the S4 now. According to Joshua, the S4 is smaller and lighter.

“The Samsung Galaxy S4 feels pretty much like its predecessor. While the general aesthetic might be getting a little played out…there is so much improvement every where else and yet it is actually smaller than the S3.”

The compact size of the S4 makes it easy for anybody to hold and to secure it in just hand. It’s just not as bulky as before. As a matter of fact. Joshua describes the S4 “feather-like”.

“With the same height that S4 sheds a fraction of the S3’s thickness and is even a little but narrower. Most important here, however, that the S4 is even lighter. Though it might only be three grams lighter, there’s a balancing to the Galaxy S4 that makes it feel like a feather.”

According to Joshua, that is a “victory in the design department”. He then concludes that the S4 is the best five-inch device in terms of handling.

Another highly enhanced feature of the S4 is the display. Joshua gives this a high rating as well.

“Samsung brought their super AMOLED tech up to a five-inch screen, capable of 10 adp resolution and 441 ppi. The result is one of the best displays on a smart phone.”

In terms of performance, Joshua says that the “the Galaxy S4 is among the fastest phones around.”

But what really excites me about the S4 is its array of new sensors that have amazing functions. Below are nine exciting sensors, also called the Hidden Innovation of the Galaxy S4:

  • Gesture Sensor: This recognizes the user’s hand movements using   the infrared rays.
  • Proximity Sensor: Recognizes whether the mobile phone is located near the user by using infrared rays.
  • Gyro Sensor: Detects the mobile phone rotation state based on three axes.
  • Accelerometer: Detects the mobile phone movement state based on three axes.
  • Geomagnetic Sensor: Detects the magnetic field intensity based on three axes.
  • Temperature Humidity Sensor: Checks temperature and humidity levels.
  • Barometer: Identifies the atmospheric pressure at the user’s current location.
  • Hall Sensor: Recognizes whether the cover is open or closed.
  • RGB Light Sensor: Measures the red, green, blue, and white intensity od the light source.

The battery life gets a thumbs up from Joshua.

“It is definitely among the longest lasting five-inch screen devices available and with the ability to replace the battery when it finally runs out of juice. You really shouldn’t have any power issues on the Galaxy S4.”

The camera of the S4 seems to have upstaged its previous predecessor. As described by a review, the S4 is able to capture “impressively large panoramas pictures that are approximately 22,000 pixels wide, a massive improvement from the S3’s 6,000 pixel width”.

When it comes to apps, there is no shortage of great and cool apps for the S4.

There’s just no doubt that the features of the S4 are all enhanced with the latest cutting edge technology that we can ever think of.

So given all that, was the Samsung Galaxy S4 worth the wait?  Well, Joshua couldn’t have said it any better.

“Just like Samsung … it’s all there for you.”

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