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The internet works in such a way that it’s able to collect data from you. Soon as you are connected online, data collection happens automatically. That’s the way the internet works. No matter how much you conceal yourself by creating email addresses with fictitious names, the internet can still track you down. You can say that your online presence is pretty much captured and recorded.

That’s the reason why privacy is such a big thing online. Websites, such as mine are required to have a Privacy Policy that informs all the visitors how their sensitive data are collected and protected.

Kinds Of Data Gathered

Automatically, my website is able to gather IP addresses. No computer or gadget can connect online without an IP address. Each and every computer and techie gadget have their own IP address.

An IP address is a significant piece of information because it’s able to link all the online activities to a single computer or gadget. If an IP address is looked into, it can actually reveal a lot about the computer user. In some cases where cyber bullying exists, IP addresses are the first pieces of evidences to be looked into. A visitor can be identified by an IP address. That’s how sensitive this piece of information is.

My website is also able to gather names and emails addresses. These are sensitive data you need to share with my website if you want to send me a comment or a message.

How They Are Gathered And Protected

Websites are able to collect IP addresses because of the cookies. These cookies are able to collect data from you soon as you go online. All the data that are collected by the cookies are stored as text files and go right into the hard drive of your computer.

Websites rely on the cookies for data collection. They are integral parts of the internet and the most you can with them is to block them.

Privacy is a big thing online. You wouldn’t want your sensitive data to end up on dubious websites. Well, you can trust my website. I will never do anything to imperil any of your data collected by my website. Your data will never be handed over to any website.

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